30 Days of Superheroes - Day 22, Matching Uniforms

Team Misdirected wasn’t formed as an intentional super-team. Thus, they normally have no unified look.

They met in several accidental encounters, to be chronicled later, but in brief here.

Technomancy met Blu Ice in a bar fight.

Handler and the Axe met Kid Magic at a Cirque performance, where MinMax was the ringmaster-of-ceremonies.

Drider met them in… well, the scene will be shown as day 23.

This is day 22, the Uniform day.

Today, we see what happened after the battle with the Scots Ninjas.

Technomancy is still in hospital regrowing his liver, but the judge gave the rest of them 3 days of public service cleaning up the damaged landscape; they also had mug shots taken, and Gremlin had to wear an orange head-cone.

the line-up

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